Pearls of Love: Concert of Marginalized Artists Jarkania, UP

Over the past week, Guria hosted a concert at a local college in the village of Jarkania which featured marginalized artists from UP, MP, Bihar, West Bengal, and Maharashtra. The concert lasted five days and featured artists performing in traditional art forms such as Bundeli Ghat, and the Mayur and Rai dances.  In addition to keeping alive India’s traditional art forms, the concert also contributed to the income of the performers, all of whom come from communities that are vulnerable to exploitation.

Additionally, the concert acted as a platform to introduce the villagers of Jarkania to Guria and to raise awareness about human trafficking. Jarkania is the epicenter of many smaller villages, all of which are vulnerable to trafficking. Thus, Guria hopes to establish a presence in Jarkania and gain the support of the villagers in order to effectively prevent human trafficking in the area. 


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