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New Skills!

The adolescent girls at Guria’s center in Varanasi’s red-light area created beautiful artwork in a 3-day handicraft workshop. They are taking ownership over their artwork and their lives.They made flower pot, pen stand, board painting etc.

Educational Workshops

During the last 3 years Guria organised 67 workshops with 6700 children from different schools and colleges at the Indo-Nepal border(both source and transit area) to make the children aware about human trafficking since these children are the softest target for the traffickers.These children are also the best means to percolate the message within their families and society.

Specks of Dust Screening

SPECKS OF DUST , a film about Guria, screened at  ‪#‎ PrincetonReunions‬   to a crowd of alumni. We are grateful to have shared the story of our organization with an enthusiastic audience.

Sensitization Meetings

In the last two years Guria has organised a number of sensitization meetings with the police/Indo-Nepal Border Force/Media in order to ensure a check on cross-border trafficking. We also had a successful interface of the school children with the border force. Guria has also been a resource of the National Institute for Public Cooperation and Child Development for the training of hundreds of police personnel from five states – Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand, Himachal Pradesh and Chattisgarh.