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Guria filed a Public interest litigation in the Hon’ble High Court of Judicature at Allahabad citing example of 9 cases in order to draw the attention of the Hon’ble Court towards the new modus operandi of the human traffickers wherein they are misleading the Hon’ble High Court and getting protection orders and thereby pre-empting any action that could have been taken by the Police against them. This writ was filed in order to get directions in respect of those minor girls/children who are being trafficked/ abducted through fake marriages by the human traffickers. The human traffickers abuse these trafficked victims physically, mentally and sexually by keeping her under their possession. These traffickers use marriage as the easiest tool for trafficking of minor girls/children and after marriage these traffickers, in order to escape the legal trap, appear before the Hon’ble High Court along with the victims filing a writ petition stating that they are major, married by consent and a

French Students visit the Boat School

The seven visiting French students shared time with the boat school children at the Ganga ghats…

French Students visit the N.F.E Center

The french students visited the Education Center in the Varanasi Red Light area for one month. They all enjoyed each others company. They undertook many activities such as games, drawing, dancing, music, manual work, fashion design, art therapy, planting flowers.

French Students Help Out at the Goat Bank!

The French students from ESG Management School (Paris) visited  the goat bank in Jakhania, Gazipur on Saturday 7 th May. They first examined their health with the two veterinary experts. After this checking, they tagged every goat one by one. Group’s members helped to catch the goats. Some of the french visitors gave medicines to some goats. Once this mission was over, the visitors let them free in the pastureland. They finished the day with the village’s visit just near the farm where we met all the village people associated with Guria.