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Our big, happy GURIA family takes a field trip!

Yesterday on the day of Chatt Pooja, Guria took the NFE Shivdaspur Center and some children from the Boat School on a field trip to a beautiful waterfall location! Spirits were high, and the long bus rides there and back were filled with joyful screams, laughter, and plenty of singing. The children swam and played in the fresh river water, and it was a wonderful day of fun and celebration. We are so grateful to have such a loving community. This trip will surely be looked back on with a smile by all! Goofy kids :) Playing in the river! The water was beautiful. The children having an impromptu lesson! Laughter and smiles all around. The view out the window of the bus on the way home was spectacular.

Ajeet's Visit to Geneva Global's Office in Philadelphia, USA

Here is a picture from September of Ajeet with a few members of the Geneva Global team at their office in Philadelphia, USA! Ajeet met the CEO Mr. Doug Balfour and spoke on GURIA's initiatives to the entire team of about thirty members. Senior Director Mr. Gene White also organised a speech for Ajeet at Eastern University. It was a big day of learning and sharing and we are grateful for everything Geneva Global has done for us.

Help Guria reach 10,000 signatures!

Please SIGN and SHARE – In the news recently, you may have seen the horrific rape and murder of children and women in Uttar Pradesh – but shockingly it isn’t new, it is all too common. Join the rising movement of thousands of people across India and demand that the government no longer ignore the crimes of rape, sex trafficking, and child prostitu tion ! Simply sign then click 'Share in a private message’ to send the link to all your fb friends and maximize the impact of this fight against injustice!

Freedom Now! Event at Princeton University

Our Freedom Now event on Tuesday at  Princeton University  was a great success! Many friends showed up to enjoy dance, music, learn about Guria's work, and hear Ajeet's words of wisdom. Thank you to everyone who came, and to the Freedom Fund for bringing Ajeet to Princeton!