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Happy Diwali, Guria followers!  Diwali- the celebration of Ram’s triumph over Ravan, of the return of truth and wealth, and of lighting hundreds of diyas-  was technically on November 3 rd .  Although the actual festival was not for a few days, Diwali festivities at the Guria center were in full swing by October 31 st . Our celebration included a dinner of soft drinks and fried rice prepared by some of the older girls, fireworks, and the much anticipated judgment of the center’s annual Diwali decorations competition. Staff, interns, and children alike, the Guria community was split between the Non-Formal Education Center’s two buildings. Each team was tasked with decorating their building as they chose, and each was determined to do anything possible to win the competition. For a full week leading up to the party, both buildings were abuzz with rangoli-making, sand-painting and paper-chain cutting. After a few days of heated competition, several groups of interns visiting Banaras

Intervention with the Bedia Community in Madhya Pradesh

Ajeet's continued living with the adopted Bedia village in Madhya Pradesh has been instrumental in our fight against family-based prostitution. The Bedia are a caste that traditionally practices family-based prostitution, and the Non-Formal Education center in the state of Madhya Pradesh offers alternative opportunities to vulnerable children.

Seminar with Ghazipur Lawyers and Judges

Guria held a seminar with lawyers and judges in Ghazipur district to raise awareness about The Immoral Traffic (Prevention) Act of 1956. Guria has been legally involved in Ghazipur on a broader scale, but this was an important step towards sensitization. The District Judge was the chief guest.

Samvad Kendra for Adolescent Girls in Mau District

Guria continues to work in Samvad Kendra centers in the source areas of Mau District. “Samvad Kendra” translates to “local interaction,” and these centers work to prevent trafficking and rape in rural areas and to educate adolescent girls about their human, civil, and health rights.