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The Guria community celebrated Holi two days early at the Varanasi Non-Formal Education center. Armed with bags full of  gulal  (colored powder), the children threw, sprinkled and rubbed color on each other. The festivities continued until, coated in  gulal , there was not a recognizable child to be found. Special Indian sweets  langleta  and  soan papdi  were served and fun was had by all.

Women's Day Celebration!

Women’s Day is a celebration of appreciation for woman all over the world. In honor of the holiday, Guria hosted festivities at their Non-Formal Education center in Varanasi. The interns from Princeton University in America wore saris, and took a lot of pictures with and of the kids in the center.  Afterwards, Guria’s special guest Devorah Vester (Princeton intern Hannah Vester’s mother) taught the children American dances. The kids thoroughly enjoyed the dance classes and picked up the moves very quickly! The festivities came to an end with Bollywood dancing and candies from America for all of the kids.  

Postcards from Princeton

Guria received over 40 postcards from the fundraiser at Princeton University that took place on December 1 st , 2012. Past Guria interns hosted a concert at the University and sold postcards to students who could write a short message to the children at Guria’s Non Formal Education Center. The post cards will be displayed in the Shivdaspur NFE Center for all of the kids to see. Thank you to the Princeton students for their kind messages, and our past interns for organizing the fundraiser!!