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New Appointment!

Guria has been appointed member to the new core group on Trafficking, Women and Children, created by the National Human Rights Commission.

Non-Formal Education Center Diwali Celebration!

Diwali celebration at Guria’s non-formal education center in Varanasi’s red light area. In preparation for this day, the children worked for weeks, creating elaborate cities and towns out of recycled/oblique materials only. Both teams, the old building and the new building, created intricate scenes. Some highlights: a rangoli in the shape of India, a model of Varanasi’s beautiful Cantt Railway Station, a village complete with water buffalo, rice paddies, and farmers, the Himalayan mountain range, and much more. And of course, fireworks! We were happy to host our foreign friends, Leap Now,  Princeton University Bridge Year Program , and  Where There Be Dragons  students were all present.

Allahabad rescue and legal success!

UPDATE - Allahabad red light area rescue with a national record of 61 brothels seized : Guria, in order to foil all efforts of the traffickers to re-traffic the rescued victims through fake documents, got 4 custody applications and 38 habeas corpus petitions rejected in the district court and Hon’ble High Co urt respectively. 

June Rescue

In June 2016 Guria rescued 44 bonded labours, of Chhattisgarh state, from the district of Jaunpur in Uttar Pradesh.

Article Updates

Here is the links to the recently published two articles which mention about guria's work !! These newspapers are read in Spain, France and Latin America. 1. Berria: newspaper in Basque language read in an area of south France and north Spain.…/patriarkatuaren_zirrikituetatik_bid… 2. P├║ National Spanish press read in Spain and sometimes Latin America.…/mujeres-indias-enfrentan-demonios.h… # humantrafficking   # slavery   # freedomnow   # Guria   # rape   # sextrafficking # sexslavery   # childprostitution   # commercialsexualexploitation   # rescue # varanasi

Indian Social Work Congress

Ajeet was one of the speakers at the 4th Indian Social Work Congress where he talked about Guria's model in fighting sex trafficking.

Talk With Leapnow Student Group

Ajeet spoke with the new Leapnow group from the US at the Guria office.

Thanks Priyanka!

A huge thank-you to Priyanka Vijay Anand and husband for running 21km in the Ealing half marathon and raising £550 to support Guria ! You can see Priyanka's page below and support her efforts further..