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Massive Gathering of Women to Protest Police Negligence in Rape Cases

On February 22, Guria organized a massive awareness rally against sex trafficking, child prostitution, and rape with almost 15,000 women from the districts of Varanasi, Azamghar, Mau, Ghazipur, and Jaunpur. These women traveled to Varanasi in spite of adverse weather conditions- pouring rain, ankle-deep mud, and a unseasonable chill. 200 victims and their families also attended the event and presented their case studies before this mass gathering. The rally was primarily focused on protesting the severe negligence of police in the filing and handling of rape, trafficking, and child prostitution cases.                                                                                 All too often, victims are turned away from police stations when they attempt to file a First Information Report (FIR) about the crimes committed against them. Even if the FIR is filed, police often register the crime under the wrong sections of the law, allowing criminals to escape trial

Awareness Meetings with CBOs

Guria organized a meeting of Community Based Organizations from 15 different villages. The people who make up these CBOs are integral to our mission because by involving individuals at a grassroots level we can spread the word and make sure that they are at the heart of our fight to end human trafficking in North India.