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Dinner with Guria Extended Family

Following Guria’s belief that the families of our team members are the most important stakeholders in our organization, Guria organized a get-together for all of its team members’ families where music, laughter, games and food were all on the agenda! Only with the support of the extended family can our own family work at its best, and this is honoured by a yearly dinner. Below are some pictures of our happy Guria family.

Passion Project Fundraiser with LEAPNOW

A group of four students from LEAPNOW's LEAPYEAR2 program have undertaken a project named Passion Project 2014. The project's goal is to raise money in support of the goat bank that Guria is building in Mao district. The goat bank is a perfect example of how Guria strives to fight the root causes of human trafficking. It will provide financial stability to impoverished rural communities while Guria staff continue to educate the families about human trafficking. Through Indiegogo,   Passion Project  raised over $10,000 over a two-month long donation period. Thank you to all who contributed. You can see the Passion Project blog  for updates about this wonderful project! Watch the Passion Project 2014 Video here

Beautician Course Completed!

Guria conducts beautician courses for older girls who attend the Varanasi Non-Formal Education centre. These courses are an important part of Guria’s work to provide these girls with the vocational training that can hopefully bring them work outside the red light area in the future. About 25 girls participated in the beautician courses and learned hairdressing, henna, makeup, and salon etiquette. On Jan. 6 2014, the girls who partook in the beautician course received a government-issued certificate as the culmination of their hard work.  The government agreed to work together with Guria to ensure that these girls had access to the certification that they deserve. Congratulations to the beautician-graduates!!

Inter-Village Cricket Tournament!

The pictures below are of Sam Bull, director of LeapNow, and Ajeet-ji inaugurating the inter-village cricket tournament organized by Guria, as a means of bringing people, especially young vulnerable boys, together.