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Busting child prostitution in Varanasi

Please take a few minutes to watch and share this video on GURIA'S rescue and much more...

The New York premiere of SPECKS OF DUST

Specks of Dust premiered in New York City with great success!


A national record : 61 brothels seized worth over INR 120 carores($ 182 million). GURIA simultaneously wrote an application to the district administration and filed a PIL in the honourable high court to rescue minor trafficked girls from the Allahabad red light area in north india. On the request of the district administration GURIA officially submitted the details of recce operation, rescue map, spy cam video clips, photographs, plan of action, criminal histories of traffickers, identified brothels, list of traffickers etc which was then again submitted by the administration to the honourable chief justice of high court. Fourteen team leaders of GURIA lead the police teams for rescue and 12 lady counselors counseled the victims. We rescued 134 victims from the indian states of Karnataka, Rajasthan, West Bengal, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh and Nepal. 48 brothel keepers/traffickers were also arrested. We worked undercover for over one year to collect evidence and later discarding al