100 Cases: 2,000 Pages of Evidence Submitted

Guria just submitted over TWO THOUSAND pages of evidence documenting police misconduct in 100 cases of Sex Trafficking, Child Prostitution, and Rape. A Times of India article was published about it here: http://goo.gl/UcGSkv

You can help by signing our petition and demanding that this police misconduct end! http://goo.gl/c9RvrO

This February, Guria released the original report revealing this misconduct, and the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh ordered an inquiry into the matter. We spent months assembling all the official evidence before submitting the 2000+ pages last week!

Here is a link to our original report http://goo.gl/tAqz9G, and here is the original article the Times of India posted about it. http://goo.gl/gfoUQ4


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