37 People Rescued, More & More Slavery Being Revealed...

On Friday 27th February, Guria rescued 37 bonded laborers—including 16 children and one pregnant woman—from a brick kiln in the Allahabad District of Uttar Pradesh state. These enslaved people were migrant workers from states surrounding Uttar Pradesh who were entrapped by the brick kiln owner, were forced to do grueling labor without pay, and were not allowed to leave.
As more and more rescued survivors of human trafficking reach their home villages, word is spreading about Guria throughout rural communities all over Northern India. More and more people show up at Guria’s doorstep every week, telling stories of their family and loved ones who are trapped in all forms of slavery—including sex slavery. They are from far away, bravely leaving their home villages to reach the Guria office and ask for help to rescue their families from slavery. Many of these people have been trying to get someone to help their enslaved families for years, but as no one listens to them or believes them, they’d all but given up hope that they would ever come home until they heard about Guria’s work.


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