Justice for a 3 year-old rape survivor

On June 5th, in Varanasi, a 3 year-old girl was brutally raped and suffered severe genital mutilation leading to a life-threatening condition. Additionally, both her and her grandmother were denied treatment from 4 different hospitals before returning to the first hospital where doctors demanded bribes. Simultaneously, after the family members threatened to commit suicide, the police FINALLY filed a complaint, 6 days later. However, there were no charges of rape mentioned in the complaint. After Guria Sansthan caught wind of this incident on June 22nd, we immediately admitted the child to a hospital and are covering the medical expenses. She continues to FIGHT for her life. After multiple requests, NO action has been taken against the accused, the police, or the doctors. Guria’s efforts have drawn the support of people all over Varanasi, who are now protesting against this heinous crime.
These are the battles we are fighting every day. We need your help too.


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