Participate in Guria's Freedom Now Global Art Exchange and Exhibit!

Get ready for February 24th, 2017.
PRESENTING…*The FREEDOM NOW Global Art Exchange & Exhibit!*
Guria is orchestrating a worldwide day of art and awareness on February 24th with hundreds of students around the world, from schools in countries including China, Guatemala, Senegal, South Africa, France, the United Kindgom, the United States, and India!
JOIN US! So many of us would love to help fight human trafficking but DON’T KNOW HOW…Here’s an easy, fun, and MEANINGFUL way to get involved!
Participation for a school is simple: 1) Educate students about human trafficking, 2) Create art about human trafficking, 3) Exchange art with other students on Guria’s exchange website (, and 4) Put on a student art exhibit in their respective community that contains a mix of student art from all over the world!
February 24th—A GLOBAL PHENOMENON! On this day, schools around the world will host their own advocacy and awareness events in their local communities, bringing together their local and their international communities.
It is not too late to participate! Contact message this page or contact Guria Intern Leila Ullmann at for more information.
Access Guria’s age-appropriate and interactive trafficking curriculum and project description here:


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